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B4C Distillery

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B4C Distillery: Raising the Bar for Vodka Craftsmanship

Rooted in Texas, Refined to Perfection

Hailing from the heart of Sherman, Texas, B4C Distillery is a family-owned enterprise committed to elevating the vodka experience. Their flagship brand, Roder's Premium Vodka, transcends conventional standards by opting for the purest sugar cane instead of the traditional corn, setting a new precedent for smoothness and taste.


Roder's Premium Vodka

The Finer Choice: Made from Sugar Cane

Breaking from tradition yet rooted in the craft, Roder's Premium Vodka uses only the finest sugar cane. With 40% ALC/VOL and 80 proof, it represents a paradigm shift in how vodka can be both smooth and full-bodied.


Award-Winning Excellence

  • Silver Medal, 2021 Denver Spirits Competition

    Garnering accolades from one of the most prestigious competitions in the Rocky Mountains, Roder's Premium Vodka has proven its caliber on a grand stage.


The B4C Distillery Difference

Advanced Techniques and Exceptional Ingredients

The state-of-the-art methods employed at B4C Distillery ensure the finest sugar canes are masterfully converted into a sublime vodka.


Why Sugar Cane?

Sugar cane inherently produces fewer congeners—unwanted byproducts often found in grain-based spirits. As a result, B4C's sugar cane vodka offers a smoother, milder experience with a reduced likelihood of hangovers compared to grain and corn vodkas.


Discover the Sugar Cane Difference with Roder's Premium Vodka

At Big Twelve Distributors, we’re honored to carry Roder's Premium Vodka from B4C Distillery, an exemplar of innovation and quality in the vodka industry.


Ready to Experience Exceptional Vodka?

For more information on how to add Roder's Premium Vodka to your collection, contact Big Twelve Distributors today.

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