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About Us

Crafting Connections Through Distinct Spirits

At Big Twelve Distributors, we’re more than just a distributor; we're storytellers, curators, and community builders. Driven by a passion to unearth the globe's hidden gems in the world of spirits, we champion the underrepresented, ensuring they get a deserving spot on the shelves. Our approach, molded by decades of diverse experience and a commitment to community welfare, revolves around fostering genuine partnerships and enhancing the world of beverages with every bottle we introduce. Dive deeper to discover the ethos, vision, and people that make Big Twelve Distributors unique.

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Our Story

Our CEO, William Hamilton, embarked on a new journey after dedicating 26 years to the Military and Defense Contracting. Desiring a shift, yet wanting to harness the invaluable skills he honed managing programs for the DoD, he found himself drawn to an entrepreneurial path. During a meeting for an unrelated venture, the intricacies of Texas Alcohol Laws were unveiled to him. It swiftly became clear: there was a distinct opening in the market for a nimble distributor, especially one that aimed at spotlighting small, unique products often overlooked by larger retailers. Thus, the seed for Big Twelve Distributors was sown.

At Big Twelve Distributors, our vision is global yet selective. Every product we bring onboard aligns with our strategic intent to serve our customers with precision. We're not in pursuit of showcasing 2000 varied brands; rather, our mission lies in curating a compact but impactful collection. Each product's presence amplifies opportunities for others in our portfolio. For instance, our women-owned Vodka acts as a gateway for our women-owned wines, and the synergy continues.

Under William's guidance, we've taken pride in launching this fresh venture. As Big Twelve Distributors expands, our fervor to give back to the community intensifies. Our roadmap includes hosting biannual fundraisers – not just as product launches or brand refreshers, but as genuine gestures of gratitude, channeling proceeds to our cherished charities. This commitment to community outreach and philanthropy is the very heart of our business ethos.

The Team Bringing the Best of Beverages to You

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