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Mendocino Spirits

Tamar Distillery, Inc


An Elixir of Time-Honored Craftsmanship and Nature’s Bounty

From the Heart of Mendocino County, we're thrilled to introduce the upcoming range of Mendocino Spirits, handcrafted by the Tamar Distillery. Get ready to experience premium quality, as only double-distilled spirits can deliver.

Premium Spirits Preview:

Our Lady of Bourbon
Aged 3 Years, 42.2% ABV
Mendocino's signature bourbon, double-distilled in an antique Cognac pot still, offers a balance of smoothness and richness. Aged in new charred bourbon barrels, it features a harmonious blend of malted corn, rye, and barley. Enjoy the Spirit of California – a symphony of subtleties with notes akin to butterscotch, marzipan, and dark rum.

Captain Fletcher's Private Reserve
Aged 8 Years, 47.3% ABV
A tribute to Captain Fletcher, this medium-toasted malted rye whiskey mirrors his adventurous spirit. Flawlessly distilled and aged in American Oak, it's ranked among the top 10 American rye whiskies, offering a fearless and honest palate with notes of spice and oak.

Barrel Aged Dark Gin
Aged 5 Years, 48.3% ABV
An experimental triumph, our Barrel Aged Dark Gin boasts an intensely earthy and spicy profile. A perfect medley of botanicals, including juniper, coriander, cardamom, and citrus, aged to perfection, results in a gin that's both groundbreaking and traditional.

Dry Gin
45% ABV
Crafted with an extraordinary blend of botanicals, this versatile dry gin is a masterpiece of complexity and smoothness. Ideal for cocktails, its rich and elegantly smooth profile includes notes of juniper, coriander, and citrus, making it a versatile choice for any gin aficionado.

Spirit Whiskey
Aged 7 Years, 46.36% ABV
Inspired by prohibition-era distilling, our Spirit Whiskey is a robust blend of aged grain spirits and straight Bourbon. Barreled in 2015 using GMO-free corn and organic Italian wheat, this whiskey delivers a powerful yet smooth experience, perfect for classic cocktails or enjoying neat.


The Team Behind the Bottles

Mendocino Spirits is the creation of Crispin Cain and his team. Crispin brings 30 years of distillation and cellaring experience to each glass.

As Crispin tells it, “While I worked for Germain-Robin Brandy, I had a vision of making fine whiskey here in Northern California, one which expresses the simple beauty of clean air, clean water, and tall trees, while capturing the complexity of malted grains from a variety of local and classic sources.”

“I create whiskies using the time honored traditions of Cognac, keen attention to fermentation, the Charentais Pot Still, the double distillation method, brought to barreling strength with filtered rain water, choosing fine barrels to match fine spirits. Carefully selecting the distillate which becomes Mendocino Spirits. Crispin’s accomplishments can be found in each bottle of Mendocino Spirits, his Bourbon is a continuing source of accolades and pride.

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Big Twelve Distributors is delighted to offer this exceptional line of spirits, redefining what you thought possible in a bottle.

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