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Ponderosa Whiskey Co.

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Ponderosa Whiskey Co.: Where The New West Begins

Reinventing Tradition Under the Taos Sky

Welcome to Ponderosa Whiskey Co., a distillery where whiskey isn't just smooth—it's Sunset Smooth. Located in the high desert of Taos, New Mexico, this women-owned enterprise challenges whiskey norms, blends traditions, and pours out free spirit in every glass.

Ponderosa 4.2: The Love Bite of the New West


Sunset Smooth

Deceptively alluring with subtle notes of vanilla and maple, Ponderosa 4.2 is a love bite in a bottle. Handcrafted with local Taos rye, aged with Ponderosa bark and Pecan wood, and softened by the spring-fed waters of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, this whiskey is as smooth as a desert sunset.


A Whiskey for All

Owned by Women. Chased by Men.

Breaking the mold has never tasted so good. Ponderosa Whiskey Co. is owned by women, crafted for everyone, and chased by those who appreciate quality.


The Trailblazing Journey

Shoot Straight, No Chaser

Liza Barrett and Nicole Barady, the visionary women behind Ponderosa Whiskey Co.,  began their journey with skepticism toward traditional whiskey. But when a thousand pounds of rye landed on their doorstep, they saw it as an opportunity to redefine what whiskey could be.


A Tribute to the New West

Through four hundred iterations and countless tastings, Ponderosa Whiskey Co. emerged with a creation that is:

Refined enough for the city, strong enough for the desert, and bold enough to challenge the traditional strongholds of whiskey craftsmanship.


Be Bold. Be Brave. Blaze Your Own Trail with Ponderosa Whiskey.

We are thrilled to include Ponderosa Whiskey Co. in our portfolio at Big Twelve Distributors. Theirs is a story of audacity, quality, and the restless spirit of the New West.


Ready to Unleash the Spirit of the New West?

For more information on how to incorporate Ponderosa Whiskey Co. into your collection, reach out to Big Twelve Distributors today.

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