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Vellamo Water with Ice Age Water as a header

Vellamo: The Pinnacle of Purity in Every Drop

A Journey Through Time and Elements

Vellamo Natural Spring and Mineral Water offers a taste experience that spans millennia. Originating from Ice Age glaciers and nurtured by Finnish soil, every bottle captures the essence of nature's perfect balance. Imbued with a rich mineral profile and exceptionally high pH values, Vellamo is more than water—it's a testament to the wonders of natural filtration and mineralization.


The Vellamo Spring Water Story


A Nordic Gem

Vellamo Natural Spring Water is sourced from the Salpausselkä Ridges, a region with some of the world's purest groundwater, according to a UNESCO study. Shielded by layers of sand and moraine gravel, the water maintains its fluid balance through natural filtration.

  • pH: 6.20

  • Calcium: 10 mg/l

  • Magnesium: 2.7 mg/l


Fresh and Functional

Perfect for hydration on the go or at your desk, Vellamo Spring Water comes in chic, sustainable glass bottles, ideal for the environmentally conscious consumer.


The Vellamo Mineral Water Experience


A Rarity in Purity

This unique offering is Finland's only natural mineral water, encapsulated for over 10,000 years and protected from modern-day pollution.

  • pH Factor: 8.3

  • Carbonation: TDS 519 mg/l

  • Natural Electrolytes: Calcium 51 mg/l, Magnesium 13 mg/l


Taste the Elegance

With a taste as layered as its history, Vellamo Mineral Water offers nuances that need to be experienced. The luxurious and award-winning bottle design adds an extra layer of sophistication to every sip.


Awards & Recognition

  • German Design Award 2020: Excellent Communications Design Packaging Winner

  • Red Dot Communication Design 2019: Brands & Communication Design Award Winner

  • Fine Water Society International Design Awards 2019: Glass Design: Gold Award

  • Innobev Awards 2019: Best Glass: Gold Award

  • Pentawards 2018: Best Packaging Design, Beverage: Silver Award


Join Us in Experiencing Pure Excellence

We are excited to add Vellamo Natural Spring and Mineral Water to our carefully curated selection at Big Twelve Distributors. If you seek to elevate your beverage offering with the purest, most naturally balanced water, contact us today for more information.


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